Chippy Folk Club  - packed to the rafters

Another full house on 9th April 2018 at the Art Yard Café with lots of people choosing to come early and enjoy a meal first (great menu!).

Special thanks and welcome to those performing for the first time - Our ukulele duet Cathy and Rosemary for ‘The Sloop John B’, Helen joining Rachel and co for ‘Catch the Wind’, Raymond with Psalm 31 and Bee, beautifully performing her own song ‘Even there’.

It was an evening of new collaborations - some planned and some spontaneous but all well-received and roundly applauded!
We have many talented singer-songwriters, including Paul, Dave, Terry, Colin and Pete whose songs and guitar playing always delight.  We also heard some fantastic renditions of traditional numbers including Marcus’ ‘Foggy Dew’, Ian’s ‘Once I had a Sweetheart’ and Kate’s ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’. Also accomplished covers by Bev and Tony with ‘Jolene’ and the Brothers with ‘Heart of Gold’. Plus super contributions from Rosie on the harp, Clare, Lynne and Jonathan and others. Thank you to all our talented performers.

Rachel Chai
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It is hard to believe that we have now been at our ‘new’ venue for a year now and although it was with a degree of sadness that the club was unable to find a suitable venue within Chipping Norton itself, we definitely fell on our feet in finding a fantastic venue in ‘The Artyard Cafe’ in Enstone which is only 5 minutes down the road from Chippy.

After a very successful 2016 Xmas Bash (hosted at very short notice by the landlord John Clarke), we found the informal layout, the acoustics and the general atmosphere of ‘The Artyard Cafe’ extremely conducive to the way the club operates. The club’s ’steering committee’ have done their best to ensure that everything runs smoothly and, so far, things look as if they have taken a positive turn with an increase in numbers of attendees, both to contribute and just listen; old friends have returned, and it’s wonderful to see new faces now attending regularly. It’s also great to be able to welcome visitors to the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, or those who are just passing through, to join us. Everyone who attends helps make our club what it is. But, we are not complacent and realise the continuing support of our members and visitors is crucial to the club’s prosperity.

So, spread the word amongst your friends that we are now firmly established in our new home and encourage them to join us. We look forward to making some great friends and fabulous music with you!

New ‘folk night’ @ The Killingworth Castle (as yet unconfirmed watch this space)

The club was recently contacted by Amy Stanley-Ashcroft who is reservations manager at The Killingworth Castle at Wootton (near Woodstock). The KC used to have a great tradition of folk music and sessions but with various changes of management over the years this seems to have been somewhat lost. However, they are now looking at starting a new ‘folk night’ in the Spring of 2018 and it sounds as if they are looking at something similar to CNFAC’s format in that they want it to be a relaxed, chilled venue for like minded musicians and also a safe place for those learning new songs or who are new to the folk scene or would just like to give it a go. It sounds like it could be fun and it would be nice if our club could give them some support to get them up and running.

We have been told that meetings will take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month but as yet there is no definite confirmation of this.

We wish them every success for the future and for their support of the folk scene.
Would you like to stay up to date with things concerning the club? Do you know of a gig or maybe small festival that you think might be of interest to others? Perhaps you’ve discovered the next greatest singer/songwriter and would like to share your discovery with others or maybe you’re spring cleaning and decide to thin out your guitar collection…..whatever it is why not join us on our Facebook page and share, discuss and grow our online community.

For further news of events and other folk related "what's ons" in the locality, see below:

Guys, fancy keeping/getting fit, keeping a great English tradition alive and having fun in a great atmosphere of camaraderie? Check out your local morris side, below and click here to link to their website.

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